The Korean version of famous dance movie ‘Step Up’ is being developed, starring CIX Seunghoon, Hong Eunki, Choi Yeon Chung and Lee Yoo Jin.


The new digital movie ‘Turn The Street’, which deals with the dreams and passions of a group of street dancers, will start filming at the end of September after completing all preparations.

After a long audition process, ‘Turn The Street’ has selected the cast for its main characters, including Seunghun of the popular idol group CIX, Hong Eunki, a multi-talented entertainer from Produce 101, Choi Yeon Chung, who has been called the goddess of TikTok for having over 1 million followers, and Lee Yoo Jin, who has recently made headlines for her cover dance in the drama ‘One Spring Night’ and social media.

In addition to them, Jabelin, a member of the world’s number one B-boy group JINJO Crew, and new generation poppin leader ‘Poppin Jin’ will also be joining to showcase various performances in the film.


‘Turn The Street’, which will portray young people’s dreams and passions toward one goal through a feast of colorful dances, will be unveiled to the public at the end of this year through various video platforms.

It is expected that the so-called Korean version of ‘Step Up’, which will be filmed at a hot place for young people in downtown Seoul from the end of September, will continue to draw much attention.