RTD coffee brand Acapera from Binggrae has selected actor Kim Woo Bin as their new model as they released the new product ‘Acapera Specialty Coffee’.


Kim Woo Bin once served as a model for Binggrae’s banana-flavored milk in 2013. And now, the brand again judged that the star could best express the luxurious image of the ‘Acapera Specialty Coffee’. As the actor returns after a long hiatus, the public interest in him is high, which will also help raise awareness of the new products.

It is said that Kim Woo Bin performed his best in a healthy and bright manner despite his long recording time at the commercial filming site. The new ad will be released on TV and online platforms in early June.


An official from Binggrae said, “We expect that Kim Woo-bin’s charm will greatly help form the brand image for ‘Acapera Specialty Coffee’,” adding, “Kim Woo Bin is set to return in earnest, and we hope his activities will also have a positive effect on the products.”