Actors Kim Kyung Nam and Park Hye Soo may be starring in a new historical drama together!

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On July 6, an industry representative reported that Kim Kyung Nam has received an offer to play the male lead in MBC’s new drama “Red Cuff of the Sleeve” (literal translation) and is currently reviewing it. In response to the report, his agency JR ENT commented, “It is one of the dramas he received an offer for and is reviewing. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Kim Kyung Nam

“Red Cuff of the Sleeve” is a story about Crown Prince Munhyo’s birth mother, who started as a court lady and rose to the position of the highest-ranking queen. It will show the dramatic life reversal of an ordinary woman who becomes the mother of the crown prince. It was previously revealed that Park Hye Soo is in talks to play the female lead Seong Deok Im.


If Kim Kyung Nam accepts the role, he will play Jeongjo, who is next in line to the throne as the eldest son of the deceased Crown Prince Sado. He looks perfect on the surface as he tries to become the ideal successor desired by his grandfather King Yeongjo, but in his heart, the death of his father Crown Prince Sado remains a trauma. However, it becomes difficult to maintain his perfect facade when he meets Seong Deok Im.

“Red Cuff of the Sleeve” is written by Jung Hae Ri who wrote “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask” and directed by Jung Ji In who directed “Radiant Office.” The drama is in discussion to air sometime next year.

Kim Kyung Nam’s most recent drama was “The King: Eternal Monarch.”