“School 2020” which is part of the ‘school’ drama series that began in 1999, is a symbol of KBS, starring Kim Yo Han. However, KBS has excluded “School 2020” from the broadcast and it may have many changes in this drama such as title editing.


On April 14 KBS reported that “We were discussing the broadcast of the movie “School 2020″, but reached the final conclusion that it would not air.”

“School 2020” starring Kim Yo Han is scheduled to begin filming in May and will air in the second half of this year. However, the change of the leading actress from Ahn Seohyun to Kim Sae Ron at the last minute made the film scandalous when the parties accused each other.


The producer said Ahn Seohyun unilaterally left from “School 2020” due to conflicts with the staff and the producers. But Ahn Seohyun’s father spoke out that his daughter was forced to leave the drama. The broadcaster continued to accuse her father Ahn Seohyun of “claiming”, after which the father sadly replied, “Unexpectedly, the national producer lied.” and wished the film can make a success.

Since the commotion broke out, KBS, after discussing, decided not to broadcast “School 2020”.