Kang Sora has greeted her fans on her fan-cafe on August 17th and made her fans be happy when announcing to get married to a person she wants to live together.


The actress expressed her feelings about the marriage in a hand-written letter, “It’s been a while since I said hello to the Bling family. I was worried and nervous about how to send my greetings, but first of all, I wanted to convey the news directly to everyone, I took it all. the courage to speak to everyone”.

Next, Kang Sora, who considered her biological brother or friends, older sister and sister, got married at the end of August. She announced her marriage news: “I met a good friend who wanted to share my future life, and I have sent you this good news through the post.”

Kang So Ra also added, “I will do my best to repay my love and happy married life as a future actor, while at the same time show a variety of images. moreover, so I would be very grateful if you keep supporting me. “

Read her agency’s statement  below:

Hello. This is Plum Actors.

We are announcing some news regarding actress Kang Sora.

Plum Actors’ actress Kang Sora and her older non-celebrity boyfriend, based on their trust and love for one another, have decided to tie the knot.

The wedding was originally scheduled for August 29, but the ceremony has been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation worsening again. The ceremony will be replaced by a small gathering between the couple and their direct families.

In consideration of the non-celebrity groom-to-be and each side’s family, all details will be kept private, so we ask for the reporters’ understanding.

Kang Sora will continue to greet all of you as an actress with good projects and activities.

Please send support and blessings to actress Kang Sora, who is facing a new beginning in her life.

Thank you.


Below is the full text of Kang Sora’s handwritten letter.

Hello, I’m Kang Sora.

It’s been a while since I said hello to the Bling family. I am very worried and worried about how to say hello, but first, I want to give you the news directly so I took courage in Chinese.

I’ve debuted for 11 years. I feel the gratitude that cannot be expressed in words through you for always supporting and congratulating me. Thanks to your support and love during the past 11 years, we were able to come here. Thank you very much for always being by my side firmly.

Blink’s friends consider me as siblings, friends, older sister, sister, I, Kang Sora, will get married at the end of August. You must have been very surprised by this sudden news. I met a good friend who wanted to be with you in my future life. I have sent you such good information.

Although everyone goes through tough times in many ways, I really hope everyone will live healthy lives. Thank you for reading the long comment.