The upcoming Netflix series “The School Nurse Files” has shared an enchanting poster with the two main leads showcase their unique powers.

The fantasy-themed drama is based on a well-known novel that wins an award, tells the story about Ahn Eun Young (played by Jung Yu-Mi), a school nurse who pursues and exorcises ghosts in her own creative and funny ways. She teams up with Hong In Pyo (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), a teacher who has an incredible source of energy that protects him.


It is seen in the first poster that Ahn Eun Young and Hong In Pyo standing against with the city sunset background. There are jellyfish and whale flying around in the sky but they are actually not real animals, they’re “jellies” that only Eun Young sees.


Although they are harmless, they could cause danger to human beings if they’re contaminated, so Ahn Eun Young has spent her life suppressing them.

Eun Young is wearing a school nurse coat and wielding a rainbow toy lightsaber when her hands are holding her partners’ hands.

By feeling the touch of their hands, Hong In Pyo could transfer his energy to Eun Young, which recharges her as she fights the jellies.

The School Nurse Files poster reads the sentence, “Welcome to the Ahn Eun Young’s strange and beautiful world.”