The romance in the drama ‘A Piece of Your Mind‘ by actor Jung Hae In starring has changed.


Jung Hae In currently plays the role of Moon Ha Won – an artificial intelligence programmer and who is struggling with the death of his first love in tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama series. Jung Hae In (Ha Won) gradually became closer to Chae Soo Bin (Seowoo) in the process of remembering Park Joo Hyun (Jisoo) who was the first love for the last time.

Because Park Joo Hyun is love for him, so when his feelings have gradually developed for Chae Soo Bin but he did not realize. However, thanks to the encouragement and unilateral concern for Chae Soo Bin is helping to narrow this psychological relationship.

Jung Hae In is a character who rarely changes emotions in front of others, so he never thought of a relationship with someone other than Park Joo Hyun. Therefore even he himself didn’t realize that he was opening his heart to Chae Soo Bin. Jung Hae In showed Ha Won’s inner changed by his eyes and smiling. Ha Won’s feelings when he opened his heart to Chae Soo Bin are gradually transformed.

Viewers are curious as to whether Chae Soo Bin will continue unilaterally forever? Episode 7 of ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ will be airing at 9 pm on April 13.