Character posters of Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, and Choi Won Young in ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar,’ which will air on JTBC‘s Wednesday-Thursday time in 2020, have been unveiled.


JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama (written by Ha Yoon Ah, directed by Jeon Chang Geun, produced by Samhwa Networks and JTBC Studio), which will premiere at 9:30 PM on May 20, is a drama in which an owner of a mysterious cart and a young part-timer who visit customers in their dreams to help them solve problems.

The posters released included three different characters, Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum), troublemaker Han Kang Bae (Yook Sung-jae), and Chief Gwi (Choi Won Young).


On the poster, Wol Joo, who is making delicious snacks with a frying pan, is the one that goes into the dream world and brings out guests’ sorrow. Just as sweet potatoes, Sprite and spicy chicken feet are the best medicine for stress, you can find Wol Joo to solve your worries.


Han Kang Bae (Yook Sung Jae) is the part-timer who is moving a liquor box in the poster. He is a unique person who can make anyone tell him their secrets with a touch.


Subsequently, Chief Gwi’s dynamic posture, and the skewers in his hands create an unexpected laugh. When something happens to the cart, he will appear and solves it.

The motto of the film is “When you’re overwhelmed and sad because you’re down, escape from reality” .

The production team said, “Posters of the characters Wol Joo, Kang Bae and Chief Gwi have been released. The Mystic Pop-Up Bar, a place where the trio is together and the most important place in the play, was also on the poster because it is an important ‘character’.”