Joe Russo believes Tom Holland’s performance in his upcoming film Cherry is “Oscar worthy”.

Tom Holland stars in the crime drama directed by the Russo brothers, based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker, which follows the story of an army medic who becomes addicted to opioids and begins robbing banks to fund his addiction.

Joe Russo

In a world without Covid-19, we’d be able to assess the Oscar-worthiness of this performance for ourselves in the near future, as the movie is currently in post production; however, the uncertainty caused by the disease and social distancing measures means we don’t have a release date just yet.

Judging by the verdict of the younger Russo though, Holland’s performance should be worth the wait.

Tom Holland

Speaking to, he said: “I think it’s an Oscar worthy performance. I think he is absolutely amazing in it. He gives a gut wrenching performance.

What he does to himself emotionally and physically is unbelievable. We haven’t a seen an actor in a role like this in a while.

The movie spans a decade, complemented by an epic performance. And one that I certainly hope will be in the Oscar conversation.