The actor playing Ahn Chi Hong – Jo Jung Suk’s “rival”, Kim Jun-han confirmed that he will not be on the Hospital Playlist part 2.

While Korean moviegoers were counting days waiting for the Hospital Playlist to air for part 2, a slightly sad piece of information was revealed. Kim Jun Han – the actor playing doctor Ahn Chi Hong confirmed through an interview that he will not be participating in the second part of the Hospital Playlist.


The actor shared, “Doctor Ahn Chi Hong will not be able to participate in the second season. However, I will still “join” the drama as a fan of the movie.” In season 1, Chi Hong and Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) have a crush on Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do). The beautiful female doctor has not officially responded to anyone. But Kim Jun Han’s statement unintentionally revealed the content of part 2. Perhaps Ahn Chi Hong was rejected by Song Hwa and he chose to move to another hospital.

Many viewers, even fans of the couple Ik Jun – Song Hwa expressed their regret because Chi Hong is a very warm and cute character of the drama. With Chi Hong, Song Hwa’s “husband selection war” is also much more dramatic.


Previously, tvN revealed that season 2 will be immediately filmed around November this year. Excellent professors including “Ik Jun” Jo Jung Suk, “Jeong Won” Yoo Yeon Seok, “Jun Wan” Jung Kyung Ho, “Song Hwa” Jeon Mi Do and “Seok Hyung” Kim Dae Myung all signed for both films right from the start of the project.