Male duo JBJ95 (consisting of Kenta and Sanggyun) will be making their comeback to the K-Pop scene with the new mini album ‘Jasmine’.


“JBJ95 (Sanggyun, Kenta) will release their fourth mini-album on various music sites on October 28,” their agency Star Road Entertainment said on October 14.

It has been about 10 months since their latest digital single ‘ONLY ONE’ was released in December last year.

Expectation are high on what concept and performance JBJ95 will deliver to attract global fans’ attention this time, as the boys have been famous for their unique emotional narrative and story.

“This album will show a new and mature look of JBJ95, who is transforming from boys to men,” an agency official said.


Earlier, in August, JBJ95 released Kenta’s solo song ‘Come Back Anytime’ and held an online fan meeting ‘RETRO: 95‘ to greet fans with various contents. However, as there was no new album activity this year, fans were sad. As if to reciprocate this, JBJ95 breaks a long hiatus and plans this comeback.

Debuting on October 30, 2018, JBJ95 is loved both at home and abroad. As JBJ95 has established an unrivaled position as a male duo to “trust and listen to”, fans are excited to see the boys capture the public again.

In particular, JBJ95’s comeback coincides with their second anniversary. So, for fans, ‘Jasmine’ is expected to be a gift-like album.