Upcoming tvN drama “Oh My Baby” has shared new stills of Jang Nara!

“Oh My Baby” will follow the story of Jang Ha Ri, who would rather skip marriage and just have a baby. She is the deputy department head at a parenting magazine and a person many idolize for her looks, talent, and great personality. She gave up on dating 10 years ago but she sometimes still dreams of a romance that will make her heart race.

The new stills show Jang Nara making the transformation into Jang Ha Ri and sporting a new short hairstyle that make her features stand out even more. She is a professional career woman who never puts down the phone in her hand, but she also knows how to find happiness after work as she enjoys eating delicious food and having a drink by herself.


Jang Nara said, “I’m happy to be greeting viewers again with ‘Oh My Baby,’ which I think viewers will be able to laugh along with as we share stories of love, marriage, pregnancy, and childcare. The drama will be very relatable as the characters strive to find true happiness, and I think viewers will be moved by many scenes.” She added, “I’m especially enjoying working with such a great cast. Please anticipate the first episode.”

The production staff of “Oh My Baby” stated, “Jang Nara is doing her best to immerse herself into the role of Jang Ha Ri. The more we film, the more we see her as Jang Ha Ri and not Jang Nara. Please keep watching to see how Jang Nara will shine in the drama.”

“Oh My Baby” will be the follow-up drama to “Memorist” and will premiere in May.