On April 8, the main posters for the new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Oh My Baby’ (tvN) was released.

‘Oh My Baby’ is a drama that contains the romance of three men with the character Jang Hari is a journalist who intends to want to give birth instead of getting married starring Jang Nara, Go Jun, Park Byung, and Jung Gun Ju.


In the posters published, Jang Nara wears a pink robe and enjoys in a tub filled with baby toys. In the hands of Jang Nara is a book titled “Finding a good father”. Through the saying, “Married? No. I just want to have children”, fans are expecting Jang Hari’s genuine and strong charisma.

The next poster is the saying “Between us … Can have a little faster?” along with images of Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, and Jung Gun Joo lying next to Jang Nara. The charm of the three boys is full of personalities like Go Joon’s smiling eyes, or Park Byung Eun is smiling mischievously and Gun Joo brings a fresh feeling that has caught the attention of the audiences.

After all, are they the candidates of being a good father or how the romance of the four in the future will be drawn?

“Oh My Baby” will be broadcast for the first time at 10:50 pm on May 6.