IU shared that she has been watching Netflix a lot since she has to stay at home due to the COVID-19 crisis. ‘Be Melodramatic’ and ‘Money Heist’ are 2 series she’s been following recently.

On April 17, ‘IU’s Stay At Home Signal’ was first unveiled on the official YouTube channel of IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment.


‘IU’s Stay At Home Signal’ is a broadcast for the singer to communicate with her fans who have spent most of the time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Referring to the change caused by COVID-19, IU said, “We have changed our plans for the year a lot. We changed the plans for this year to ‘fun, light and abundance.’ It made me think. ‘When will I have another year without burden?’ Like this radio, I’m trying to do a lot of surprise events that I don’t know when and where I’m going to visit you.” She continued, “We suddenly took a special step to starve ourselves to dinner last night because it was a sudden schedule. It’s going to be a visible radio.” She laughed, “What a bolt out of the blue.”


IU also shared, “I watch a lot of Netflix at home these days. Recently, I have been watching ‘Be Melodramatic’ and ‘Money Heist.’ I heard people all watched ‘Money Heist’. I started a little late. I’m not good at watching tension, but it’s so interesting. I finished the second season by the middle of the week. But I don’t recommend it to young viewers because it is rated R. I recommend it if you like a battle of wits.”

She added, “I’m also watching ‘Be Melodramatic’… It’s light, but it has a message. It goes well with the weather of spring. I strongly recommend it to those who want to feel vicarious excitement.”