HaHa has launched his own YouTube channel HaHa PD! On April 10, HaHa’s agency Quan Entertainment announced, he recently opened a YouTube channel.

For his first content, he will reveal the hero series ‘DADDY FREE,’ which he produced over the course of one year. Afterwards, he’ll also promote actively with a variety of content. HaHa’s first project “DADDY FREE” is about middle-aged superheroes, and it was produced by 66E Studio, which consists of HaHa’s close friends of 20 years.


The members of 66E Studio include film director Jeon Sung Bin, who is an alumnus of the college HaHa attended, as well as actors Ahn Se Ho, Yong Suk Joo,and  Ahn Hyun Bin, scriptwriter Kim Do Jung, and comedian Kang Jae Joon.

In the teasers for the upcoming project, he is an unknown hero protecting Korea who has kept his identity a secret until now. However, when his son asks him why he always stays at home, HaHa becomes determined to rise to fame. He shares with the viewers, “I’ve decided to become famous. That’s why I started this YouTube channel.


In his Instagram post promoting his new YouTube channel, HaHa shared, “Rather than finding success, it’s a channel I want to remember my dreams and memories by. (I do want it to succeed though…)” He explained that he met with 66E Studio once a week over the course of a year to produce the project. He added, “Because of that, it is a very amateur superhero series that is very lacking and doesn’t even flow smoothly.” Nonetheless, he expressed his wishes for viewers to enjoy it.

He also left a sweet message for his son Dream. He wrote, “P.S: I’m Daddy Free… Dream~ I kept my promise!! I love you.. I’ll definitely leave you my suit as inheritance!! I love you!!