Singer Jinyoung from boy group GOT7 may continue his work as actor Park Jinyoung, this time on the big screen with the movie ‘Soulmate’.


According to an official of the film industry on June 29, Park Jinyoung has received a casting offer to play the male lead in ‘Soulmate’ and is coordinating his schedule.

‘Soulmate’ is a remake of the Chinese film of the same name. The original movie, directed by Peter Chan, is a film that depicts the nature of the relationship through 14 years of meeting, separating, friendship and love, longing and jealousy between the two friends that first met at the age of 13. The film also made history at the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards, where for the first time, both two leading actresses of the film won the Best Actress Award, bringing tears to every Chinese viewer.

Earlier, actresses Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee were offered the main roles of ‘Soulmate’. Now, Park Jinyoung adds strength and draws attention to the film even more.


The idol started acting before GOT7’s debut. Starting with KBS2’s drama ‘Dream High 2’ in 2012, he has grown his filmography by appearing in MBC’s drama ‘When a Man Falls in Love’ and JTBC’s drama ‘This is My Love’. Last year, he rose to the leading role through tvN’s drama ‘He Is Psychometric’, and was praised for his stable acting skills in ‘When My Love Blooms’, which ended recently.

Park Jinyoung also has already debuted on the big screen, with ‘A Stray Goat’ released in 2017 and ‘The Angel Without, The Devil Within’, starring Sol Kyung Gu and Park Hae Soo, to be released this year. On top of that, ‘Soulmate’ is expected to solidify his position on the big screen.

‘Soulmate’ is produced by Lezhin Studios and is scheduled to start filming in the first half of the year.