Gong Yoo is potentially the next big name to join a Netflix‘s original series. This time, it’s a sci-fi thriller called ‘The Sea of Tranquility’, which will starts filming in August.

An entertainment industry official told Sports Chosun on April 21 that Gong Yoo has chosen Netflix’s ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ as his next film. But his agency said he’s still considering it. The new film, which is scheduled to be produced as an original Netflix series, is a sci-fi dystopian thriller set on a future Earth in 2075, where water and food are scarce due to worldwide desertification. It tells the story of elite agents going to a research base abandoned on the moon to retrieve mysterious samples.


‘The Sea of Tranquility’, which has already drawn a lot of attention since the news that Jung Woo Sung will participate as a producer, is also getting known as Park Eun Kyo, who wrote ‘Mother’, will write the script. It has also been reported that Bae Doo Na will play the role of Jian, an exploration agent, raising expectations among Netflix fans.

Previously, actor Jung Woo Sung was announced to be a producer of the new Netflix’s original series.

In ‘The Sea of Tranquility,’ Gong Yoo may play Yun Jae, a soldier from the space agency. He will be a leader who leads the team with outstanding work skills and brilliant charisma.

Gong Yoo in ‘Goblin’

If things go well. ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ will be the first Netflix work by Gong Yoo. Expectations are high for Gong Yoo’s first Netflix drama, who has shown extraordinary acting skills in various genres, with films such as ‘The Age of Shadows’, ‘Silenced’ and ‘Kim Ji-young, Born 1982’, and has caused a fever with massive TV hit ‘Goblin’, following the drama ‘Coffee Prince’.

‘The Sea of Tranquility’ is scheduled to be produced in eight episodes, and is expected to begin filming in August.