On June 16, SM Entertainment has confirmed that maknae EXO Sehun will be making his official big-screen debut in ‘Pirates 2’!


The idol has been cast in director Kim Jung Hoon‘s newest blockbuster action film, ‘Pirates: The Goblin’s Flag‘, a sequel to the 2014 hit production ‘The Pirates‘. Sehun will be playing the role of an archer among the pirates, known for his handsome looks. 

Previously, stars such as Kang Ha NeulHan Hyo JooLee Kwang SooKwon Sang Woo, and Chae Soo Bin were confirmed for ‘Pirates: The Goblin’s Flag’. Sehun marks the final member of the film’s lead cast, and the production is now set to begin filming some time in mid-July.

The Pirates 2 is the next episode of the movie “The Pirates: The Pirates Of The Sea” starring Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, and attracted 8.6 million viewers in 2014. The Pirates 2 is expected to was given to director Kim Jeong Hoon, who directed ‘Detective: The Beginning’ rather than director Lee Seok Hoon to take on the main director role.


In addition, Sehun debuted in 2012 as an EXO group and has been active as a global top idol. In 2018, he tried his acting role in “Dokgo Rewind“. He is expanding his scope of activities when working on entertainment programs such as “Busted” (NetFlix)


Meanwhile, the singer is also preparing to make a comeback with his unit group EXO-SC in July.