Dramas and entertainment programs were massively canceled due to the broadcast of the 21st congressional election vote of Korea.

On April 15, the national television channels including 3 the land-wave television channels such as KBS 1TV, MBC, SBS, and the combined television channels including JTBC, Channel A, TV Chosun, and MBN will be broadcasted the vote-counting from the afternoon.


Accordingly, from 5 pm, MBC will hold ‘The 21st congressional election vote Program’ and the Wednesday, Thursday drama ‘Find Me in Your Memory‘ and the entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ will be discontinued. SBS will broadcast the ‘People’s Choice 2020’ program from 4 pm. Accordingly, the entertainment programs ‘Access Showbiz Tonight’, ‘K-Trot in Town’, ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ will be discontinued. From 4:40 p.m KST this afternoon, JTBC will air the program ‘Vote for our special general election’ and stop broadcasting the program ‘Differential Class’, ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’. Channel A has planned to broadcast ‘Real Choice 2020’ from 2:50 pm and the show ‘Heart Signal Season 3‘ will be canceled.


KBS 2TV without voting program will broadcast programs such as the educational program and drama ‘Meow the secret boy‘ as usual. TvN’s programs like ‘You Quiz on the Block’, drama ‘Memorist‘, MBC’s programs like ‘South Korean Foreigners’ and ‘I’m a Trot singer’ will air to compete.