Surpassing “Peninsula”, “Deliver Us From Evil” has become the most popular movie in summer 2020 in Korea during the pandemic.


“Deliver Us From Evil” is the story of In-nam (Hwang Jung Min) – an assassin who decides to retire after performing his last contract. Before he could put down the sword, In-nam suddenly received information that his daughter had been kidnapped in Thailand. In-nam comes to Thailand in search of a daughter he has never met with Yui (Park Jeong Min).


The race against time becomes more difficult than ever when the two are faced with a fierce pursuit from Ray (Lee Jung-jae). The cold-blooded “butcher” pursues In-nam after learning that his brother has been killed, Ray determined to reclaim this blood debt at all costs.

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Deliver Us From Evil” still made an impressive wave in movie theaters and earns 3.5 million views. The movie hit the breakeven point after just 12 days of release, becoming the center of the attention of all movie nerds, especially those who are passionate about the crime action genre.

As os August 08, 2020, “Deliver Us From Evil” surpassed 3.8 million views, officially knocked out the blockbuster “Peninsula” in mid-July with 3.7 million tickets sold (according to Kobis).

The official trailer of the movie showcases a breathtaking pursuit between Ray and In-nam with a series of fencing, gunfight, chase and face-to-face confrontation. In the chaos scenes with collapsed buildings and the burning heat of Bangkok, the encounter of two villains becomes fierce and bloody than ever.