Upcoming thriller film “ALIVE” released new stills of Park Shin Hye.

“Chemistry maker” Park Shin Hye is expected to complete a fresh synergy with Yoo Ah-in in the new upcoming zombie movie “ALive.”


Park Shin-hye, who plays the role of Yoo Bin, another survivor who plans her own survival strategy boldly and calmly, will present a special survival chemistry that moves tension and laughter with Yoo Ah-in, the only survivor, Junwoo.

Although their personalities and survival styles are different, the two both have a strong sense of desperation and willpower when it comes to survival. The film will portray both their suspenseful struggle to survive as well as the hilarious chemistry created by their contrasting personalities.

Having acted together for the first time through this film, Yoo Ah In shared: “I admired her acting several times on the spot. I hope you look forward to the intense survival process as well as the chemistry between Jun-woo and Yu-bin”. Park Shin-hye also said: “As we talked about acting with Yoo Ah-in, the movie felt richer. I think the chemistry between each character was good in the way they filled in each other’s differences”.


Park Shin-hye, who completed special survival chemistry with Yoo Ah-in in “ALive”, is expected to completely capture the hearts of the audience this summer.

“#ALIVE” movie will premiere on this June 24.