Kim Sung Kyu (tvN) drunk again in his drama.

Ahead of the airing of Episode 9 on April 20, the Monday and Tuesday drama “A Piece of Your Mind” (tvN) drew attention by revealing several photos of Lee Hana (as Moon Soon Ho) and Kim Sung Kyu (as Kang In Wook) at the pub.


In the previous episode, In Wook got out of a serious crisis with Soon Ho’s help and started playing the piano again. After that, In Wook opened his heart to Soon Ho, while Soon Ho began to be curious about how it feels to be with In Wook all day. This raises the curiosity about how the relationship between the two people will change.

Among them, the photos was published that drew attention when it contained images of Lee Hana and Kim Sung Kyu. The worried gaze of Kim Sung Kyu and Lee Hana is deep in thought and the intoxication is drawing curiosity.

And immediately Kim Sung Kyu shed tears. His expression looks so tired somewhere that even the viewers feel hurt. After seeing this, Lee Ha Na caught everyone’s attention with the image of his eyes widening and stiffening. This sparked curiosity about why Kim Sung Kyu sobbed in front of Lee Hana.

The production team of “A Piece of Your Mind” said, “The image of In Wook will gradually change in Soon Ho’s support this week. At the same time, the truth about injury that has eroded In Wook’s life is expected to begin to be revealed. Hope you care a lot. ”