Besides the attractive female lead, the supporting actresses of these movies also melt the heart of the audience by their beauty and talent.

In early 2020, film nerds were served with a series of spectacular Korean TV hits. The impressive content with the outstanding cast has helped many TV series earn great achievements. And of course, these success wouldn’t come without the performances of excellent supporting actresses.

Although only “supporting” the film, all of the following four actresses, Kwon Nara, Seo Ji Hye, Go Bo Gyeol, and So Ju Yoen, were able to make the internet community go wild thanks to their talent and beauty, which are not inferior to the leading roles.

Kwon Nara – playing Oh Soo Ah in ‘Itaewon Class’


Talking the hottest supporting actresses in early 2020, it is impossible not to mention Park Seo Joon’s “first love” – ​​Kwon Nara. The comeback this time of the actress has surprised the netizens with her great beauty.

Her sweet and elegant appearance combined with her acting skills helped the character attract a huge number of fans right when Itaewon Class has just aired. Although playing the role of Oh Soo Ah – a girl who is a bit selfish, always thinking for herself, her pure beauty motivates the fans to ‘ship’ Oh Soo Ah and Park Sae Roy together.

Although the film has concluded, the impression left by Oh Soo Ah or Kwon Nara will not fade in the audience’s mind.

So Ju Yoen – playing Yoon Ah Reum in ‘Dr. Romantic 2’


Besides the female lead Lee Sung Kyung, So Ju Yoen is the name mentioned quite a lot after the drama ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ concluded. Although not possessing a sharp face, her bright smile and dimples helped her make a strong impression on the audience.

Not to mention, her cute, youthful acting style has quickly knocked out a lot of fans. This image of a close and likable female doctor makes people hope to see more of her.

Go Bo Gyeol – playing Oh Min Joeng in ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’


An equally great supporting actresses to be mentioned in this list is Go Bo Gyeol. Playing Seo Woo’s stepmother in the movie ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’, she successfully portrayed the image of a gentle, quiet, and patient mother, as well as a cold, calm woman.

Despite being a bit weak in terms of acting when combined with veteran actor Kim Tae Hee, her gentle but attractive way of acting quickly won the hearts of many viewers. Many people even call her “the most adorable stepmother on Korean screen”.

Seo Ji Hye – playing Seo Dan in ‘Crash Landing On You’


When the movie ‘Crash Landing On You’ ended, the name Seo Dan was called on every forum. The sad ending for Seo Dan’s love story and the slow steps in the sun made a series of viewers sob. These touching and tearful scenes are due to Seo Ji Hye’s highly immersive acting.

Although a supporting role, even when standing in a same frame, many people do not hesitate to comment that the actress is not inferior to beautiful Son Ye Jin in terms of beauty and talent.