Why So Many People Ask To Look Like BLACKPINK Jennie?

Why So Many People Ask To Look Like BLACKPINK Jennie?

Explained by plastic surgeons!

Over the past few years, several plastic surgeons have revealed that BLACKPINK Jennie is one of the most popular visual stars at cosmetic clinics. Numerous plastic surgery patients bring Jennie’s pictures to their appointments hoping to get her look—but just why is her look so highly sought? Two plastic surgeons with experience in the K-Pop industry explained all in a new “Comment Defenders” video with AYO on YouTube.

As the directors of Moon Clinic, a popular cosmetic treatment facility in Gangnam, Park Moon Soo, and Kook Hwa have performed numerous treatments—to the point that Park has even dined with a K-Pop star. So, who better to explain why so many plastic surgery patients ask to look like BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

"Whose picture do you bring for plastic surgery? I’m gonna get Botox for my face line and square jaw, and am I’m gonna bring BLACKPINK Jennie’s or [DIA] Jung Chaeyeon’s?"

— AYO commenter

First and foremost, Kook Hwa clarified that there’s no need to bring a celebrity’s photo to a non-invasive surgical procedure like Botox since these treatments can’t actually change the shape of your face—no matter how much to look like Jennie.

With that in mind, Park Moon Soo went on to explain why Jennie’s visuals are so popular among cosmetic surgery patients. First, he said Jennie has a uniquely short chin and small jaw. These features make her look even younger than her real age of 25 years old.

However, on top of that, he explained that Jennie also has “slanted eyes and thick lips.” In contrast to her cute jawline, this makes the BLACKPINK star look sexy. It’s this, says Park Moon Soo, that makes her visuals so desirable to cosmetic surgery patients.

"I think a lot of people ask for looking cute and sexy at the same time."

— Park Moon Soo

As such, patients who already have a sexy face come into the clinic for treatments that will make them look cuter—such as jawline tailoring. Conversely, those who already have a cute image want lip fillers or similar treatments that make them look sexier.

That said, Kook Hwa notes that many celebrities have slim and small faces in common, along with well-formed facial features. As such, if you’re considering plastic surgery, she recommends bringing photos of celebrities who have a more similar image to your own rather than striving to replicate Jennie’s unique beauty.

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BLACKPINK Jennie Workout Routine 2021: How Does 'SOLO' Singer Maintain Her Hourglass Figure?

So, how does Jennie maintain her hourglass figure? Keep on reading to know more about the secrets of this BLACKPINK member.

BLACKPINK Jennie's Workout Routine Revealed

Most BLINKs are aware that all BLACKPINK members love to eat. Because of this, many are wondering how Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé are able to maintain their fit figures.

Jennie, who is considered as the leanest among all BLACKPINK members, previously, revealed that their daily dance practice is among the primary reasons why she is able to remain fit and healthy.

Reports have it that BLACKPINK member Jennie is required to have at least one two-hour dance practice a day. However, there are times when the songstress and her co-members need to have two or more dance classes, especially if they are preparing for a concert or any big event.

All the dancing helps Jennie burn a lot of calories and aids the K-pop idol in staying in shape. Besides the dance practice, the BLACKPINK member also loves doing the so-called flying yoga.

For starters, flying yoga is an aerial version of typical yoga wherein participants use straps stitched to silk sheets to perform different poses. Doing this for an hour can help burn a lot of calories and tone muscles at the same time, which makes it perfect for those who want to have a lean body figure and exemplary flexibility just like BLACKPINK Jennie.

In 2019, Jennie started attending Pilates classes. According to reports, the "How You Like That" singer is sticking with Pilates more than the flying yoga lately. It comes as no surprise though since a Pilates workout could not only help maintain a toned body as it is also great for body structure.

Pilates exercise provides great flexibility since it focuses on the core and lower body strength. Among the exercises that BLACKPINK member Jennie loves to do are the child pose, side leg lifts, crunches on the wall and the Eiffel Tower.

Of course, Jennie pairs her workout routines with a healthy diet to have better results. The BLACKPINK member, for those who do not know, loves to drink green and fruit juices in the morning.

BLACKPINK Jennie Keeps Mum Amid On-Going G-Dragon Dating Rumors

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Jennie remains silent on the speculations that she and BIGBANG's G-Dragon are an item already. To recall, South Korean outlet Dispatch claimed that the two K-pop idols have been secretly dating for more than a year already.

YG Entertainment was quick to respond to the hearsays. However, it neither confirmed nor denied the dating reports. The agency said that they could not speak for BLACKPINK Jennie, at the time, since it is a very private matter and asked the public for their understanding.

Dispatch reported that BLACKPINK Jennie and BIGBANG's G-Dragon had their first encounter on the latter's "The XX" music video in 2021. It stated that the pair have been exclusively dating almost a year ago, adding that the "Ice Cream" singer is in love with G-Dragon.

Both Jennie and G-Dragon have yet to make a comment on these unverified claims. So, devoted supporters of the BLACKPINK and BIGBANG members should take these speculations with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.