TREASURE Fans Voice Their Frustration At YG Entertainment’s Handling Of Bang Yedam And Mashiho’s Hiatus

TREASURE Fans Voice Their Frustration At YG Entertainment’s Handling Of Bang Yedam And Mashiho’s Hiatus

This isn’t the first time fans have voiced their concern about the members’ treatment.

YG Entertainment first announced that TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam and Mashiho would take a temporary hiatus from activities on May 27th. Bang Yedam was going to take time to concentrate on studying music to improve his production skills, and Mashiho was going to spend more time in Japan with his family.

We always strive for the support and growth of our artists while putting their health first. After sufficient discussion with the TREASURE members, we have decided to give the two members more rest so we ask for your understanding and support. — YG Entertainment

But even with TREASURE temporarily promoting as ten members, fans still had a lot to look forward to with a summer comeback, Japanese Arena tour, and Korean concert.

TREASURE’s Yedam and Mashiho | @treasuremaker/Twitter

However, fans voiced their outrage when TREASURE released photos from TREASURE’s 2021 Summer Camp, and Bang Yedam and Mashiho were excluded.

Because Bang Yedam and Mashiho had been present at the time of the filming, as clearly evidenced by multiple photos…

Fans took great offense to YG Entertainment photoshopping the two members out of the picture. The photoshop was evenly poorly done, with fans noticing the disappearing tent string and an extra sneaker in one of the altered photos.

Understandably fans were frustrated that YG Entertainment’s treatment of the two members felt disproportionate to them simply being on a temporary hiatus.

YG Entertainment recently released a statement sharing that TREASURE will continue to promote as ten members until their comeback in the summer and their concert tour at the end of 2022. The statement explains that this decision was made “due to personal and health reasons.”

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

We would like to make a brief announcement on TREASURE’s future activities for this year to TREASURE MAKERS who have shown nothing but great support for TREASURE.

TREASURE has been conducting activities as a 10-member group due to personal and health reasons, and it has been decided that the group will continue to do so until their comeback this summer and concert tour scheduled until the end of year.

Although we are facing internal difficulties and we understand how fans are upset, the remaining 10 members are exerting all-out efforts for their upcoming activities not to make fans feel the absence of the other two members.

TREASURE, who sees their 2nd debut anniversary this August, will come meet fans with greater music and maturity as a group.

We ask for great support and encouragement from TREASURE MAKERS for TREASURE who will be active as a 10-member group including CHOI HYUN SUK, JIHOON, YOSHI, JUNKYU, YOON JAE HYUK, ASAHI, DOYOUNG, HARUTO, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN.

Thank you.

— YG Entertainment

Netizens are entirely supportive of Bang Yedam and Mashiho taking time to prioritize their well-being.

But once again, fans cannot help but voice their frustration at YG Entertainment’s handling of the situation. Many fans noticed that YG Entertainment’s statement never mentioned Bang Yedam or Mashiho’s names, although the other ten members were listed.

And because of how YG Entertainment handled TREASURE’s 2021 Summer Camp, fans are worried that Bang Yedam and Mashiho could be excluded from TREASURE’s anniversary content. Which fans argue wouldn’t be fair since it’s an important milestone for all the members.

But ultimately, fans are voicing their support for Bang Yedam and Mashiho and looking forward to seeing TREASURE as 12 members again.

Source: Koreaboo