These Are the Trendsetters of 4th Generations Idols Selected By Elle Japan

These Are the Trendsetters of 4th Generations Idols Selected By Elle Japan

Elle Japan recently selected the fourth generation of K-pop idols who are trendsetters in the industry.

Keep on reading to see who they chose!

These are the Fourth Generation Female K-Pop Idols That are Trendsetters, According to ELLE Japan

The first female idol mentioned is ITZY's Yeji. The publication stated that Yeji stands out with her feline-like features, and her usual style is loose-fitting pants that show off her girl crush aura. She is usually spotted in basic colors, such as black, white, and beige.

A signature for Yeji's style is jogger pants and boots!


(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

The second female idol mentioned is yet another ITZY member, Ryujin! Ryujin stands out with her bob hair cut, which she has had since her debut in 2019.

Ryujin is known for wearing simple clothes, but mixing and matching simple pieces to make her look more dressed up.

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(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

The third and final female idol mentioned is (G)I-DLE's Soyeon. Soyeon's usual style is well-coordinated. She makes used of elegant and luxurious items to suit her edgy street style.

Despite her petite figure, Soyeon often wears combat boots and shorts that show off her legs that make her look taller.


(Photo : (G)I-DLE Twitter)

These are the Fourth Generation Male K-Pop Idols That are Trendsetters, According to ELLE Japan

The first male idol mentioned by ELLE Japan is Yeonjun. According to the publication, Yeonjun often wears plain clothes in monotone colors.

Yeonjun has previously stated that he wishes to own his own fashion brand in the future, and fans hope to see Yeonjun active as a designer.


(Photo : TXT Twitter)

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ATEEZ leader, Hongjoong, is the second male idol mentioned. Hongjoong is known as the fashionista of ATEEZ.

He does not stick to just one stick; he can go from dark colors and bomber jackets to cute knitwear in just a snap!


(Photo : ATEEZ Instagram)

TREASURE's Hyunsuk was the next male idol mentioned. Hyunsuk, the group's leader, is known for being the most fashion-conscious member of the group. The idol has a wide collection of sneakers and caps, rocking a hip-hop-influenced fashion style.

He has previously stated his role model is BIGBANG's G-Dragon, and it is evident in his styling.


(Photo : TREASURE Twitter)

The final male idol mentioned is ENHYPEN's maknae Ni-ki! Ni-ki, who has stated his role model is Jungkook from BTS, often dresses like the idol. Like Jungkook, Ni-ki often opts for all-black clothes with little to no patterns.

The idol wears both affordable and luxury brands, showing his ability to mix and match.


(Photo : ENHYPEN Weverse)

Did your favorite fourth-generation K-pop idol make the list?