Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Peak Relatable As He Reacts To Felix And Han In “Your Eyes” MV

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Peak Relatable As He Reacts To Felix And Han In “Your Eyes” MV

He also picked his favorite member in the MV!

Stray Kids‘s Bang Chan reacted to the group’s recent “Your Eyes” music video in his most recent episode of Chan’s Room, and it was as great as you imagined.

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Fans were more than happy to see Bang Chan come online for his regular live streams in the first place, though perhaps a bit concerned as well. Bang Chan has recently had a small sinus surgery, so STAYs praised his commitment to fans by insisting on doing Chan’s Room this week, despite probably needing the rest.

The fact that he never fails to come online and spend time with STAY has fans feeling things…

…while others are simply impressed. Apparently nothing can ever stop Bang Chan from going on live!

And perhaps it’s a lucky thing he did, as now we have his golden reaction to “Your Eyes.” The video’s ‘boyfriend concept’ coupled with its point-of-view style filming had STAYs clowning themselves upon its release, with some hilariously joking that “Your Eyes” is like a fiction made real.

Some also pointed out that, given how awkward it must have been to film the video, the members’ acting in it deserves commendation!

But things started out well as Bang Chan settled down to watch the video. It wasn’t until he got to Felix‘s part that he…totally lost it. Felix’s pancake scene easily decimated him, and some fans couldn’t help but laugh at the ‘the aftermath’ of it…

…specifically the part where Felix begins to lean in towards the camera.

In fact, fans couldn’t help pointing out the hilarious difference between Bang Chan’s reaction to that part and Lee Know‘s.

Either way though, no one stood a chance against Felix. Bang Chan was a mess even just watching his solo teaser!

But Felix wasn’t the only one who did a number on Bang Chan. Han also induced some screams when he leaned in and gave ‘the camera’ a forehead kiss.

Ultimately, however, Bang Chan seems to favor Lee Know’s part in the video, since Lee Know was the most like his normal self. According to Bang Chan, “It was just Lee Know’s usual smile.”

Funnily enough, most of the members have not seen “Your Eyes” in full. In fact, Bang Chan claimed that Hyunjin hasn’t even seen it at all!

While their reasons for not watching it are understandable, seeing Bang Chan’s extremely relatable reaction to the video was so perfect that it would be hilarious to see the members’ as well. Hopefully one day we’ll get to see it!

If you haven’t seen the “Your Eyes” MV yet, you can watch right here on the link below.

Source: Koreaboo