SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Gains Attention As He Effortlessly Rocks A Pair Of Heels In “Esquire Korea” Instagram Update

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Gains Attention As He Effortlessly Rocks A Pair Of Heels In “Esquire Korea” Instagram Update

Model Wonwoo can pull anything off.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo gained the Internet’s attention when Esquire Korea updated its Instagram story to reveal him in a classy fit and a pair of high-heeled boots.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo | @everyone_woo/Instagram

The way he effortlessly rocked his heels immediately had him trending on Twitter, with netizens praising everything from his outfit to his modeling skills.

Of course, many K-Pop idols, female and male alike, have defied gender norms in the past, especially in fashion. Earlier this year, for example, GOT7‘s BamBam rocked a skirt for a Burberry ad, while NCT DREAM‘s Chenle, who is close friends with the SEVENTEEN members, also gained love from fans after he was seen enjoying his own skirt (and even the nickname ‘Princess Chenle).

Naturally, there are many male idols who are not afraid to mix it up and go with the flow. Many of them have also been seen wearing heels, and while this is most often seen in magazine spreads such as THE BOYZ Juyeon‘s iconic DAZED Korea photoshoot…

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon | DAZED Korea

…or in major fashion events such as when GOT7’s Mark Tuan attended 2021 Paris Fashion Week

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @willgyc/Instagram

…many idols, including SHINee‘s Key, have also incorporated heels into their everyday lives.

SHINee’s Key

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo is now joining the ranks of heel-wearing fashionistas as netizens compliment his flawless outfit, heels, and pose as he models for Esquire Korea. The black-and-white clip on the magazine’s Instagram story depicts Wonwoo in a classy black fit with thigh-high heeled boots…

And needless to say, fans were taken aback upon first seeing it!

Wonwoo is now gaining praise not only for being a natural at modeling…

…but for pulling off his heeled boots in an effortless manner that is practically enviable.

He already has perfect model proportions, but the boots clearly accentuate his long legs!

Model Wonwoo is already a fan-favorite, so now his collaboration with Esquire Korea can’t come soon enough…

Source: Koreaboo