Netizens React To Reports Of GOT7’s Jay B And YouTuber PURE.D Dating

Netizens React To Reports Of GOT7’s Jay B And YouTuber PURE.D Dating

Most Ahgases are happy for the two!

According to an exclusive report via Wikitree, GOT7‘s Jay B and YouTuber and SFX artist PURE.D have been dating for nine months.

The two are cautious because they are both in industries where their faces are known.

The two have been in a good relationship for nine months. Please continue to support them.

— Representative for both JAY B and PURE.D

GOT7’s Jay B | @GOT7/Twitter

PURE.D | @pure.ddd/Instagram

Dating as a celebrity, especially a K-Pop idol, can be taboo, and it tends to be referred to as a “scandal” even though no one is technically doing anything wrong. Yet, some fans have mixed feelings.

While they may want to be happy for them, it is a shock when their “bias” is dating IRL. So, some Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7 fans) are going through it.

Now knowing that Jay B has allegedly been in a relationship for nine months already, the lyrics to some of his recent songs are being viewed differently.

Suddenly everything is making sense, even his social media activity.

And it certainly explains why Jay B has continually “friendzoned” Ahgases, even referring to them as “best friends” while others (BamBam) flirt.

Ahgases are also imagining Jay B’s reaction to the news made public. Some speculate he is sleeping soundly…

While most believe that he is in the process of preparing a statement, knowing him. They just hope he doesn’t apologize for anything.

Still, as expected, many Ahgases had jokes. Fans of Jay B and Jinyoung‘s sub-unit especially are joking about the two. Jinyoung may not publicly be in a relationship, but his character on Yumi’s Cells 2 has been partaking in quite the scandalous activity lately…

Besides, if it’s all true, Jay B deserves mad respect for real. He has been hustling more than ever and he still managed to date?!

Yet, some feel they can’t really blame Jay B at all. In fact, fans are simping for her too.

Ultimately, the response to the dating news has been overwhelmingly positive on social media. True Ahgases just want the best for Jay B.

And they hope that others will show the same respect and leave him and PURE.D to “date in peace” rather than invade their privacy.