Here's the Aftermath After BLACKPINK Lisa 'LALISA' Places 2nd to Lee Mujin on Inkigayo

Here's the Aftermath After BLACKPINK Lisa 'LALISA' Places 2nd to Lee Mujin on Inkigayo

On the latest episode of SBS Inkigayo, Lee Mujin won first place with his song Traffic Light, and BLACKPINK Lisa LALISA placed second. This result, unfortunately, did not sit well with the viewers and BLINKs.

BLACKPINK Lisa LALISA places Second on Inkigayo After Lee Mujin Traffic Light

On the September 19 episode of SBS Inkigayo music show, Lee Mujin Traffic Light took home the No. 1 trophy, followed by BLACKPINK Lisa LALISA and aespa Next Level.

However, international LILIES (BLACKPINK Lisa fandom name) are not taking the ranking too well. They continue posting malicious comments on Lee Mujin YouTube channel.

Showplay, Lee Mujin's agency, revealed the comments on Traffic Light music video, which was released in May, on his official YouTube Channel; the video now has more than four million views.

Currently, some of Lisa's overseas fans are still attacking the artist with malicious comments.

BLACKPINK Lisa Fans - LILIES - are Not Taking The Results Too Well + 'PROUD OF YOU LALISA' Trends

In the music show results, Lee Mujin Traffic Light garnered a final total of 5636 points, a close gap with BLACKPINK Lisa LALISA 4973 points. aespa, on the other hand, placed third with 4908 points.

After the Inkigayo result was revealed, over social media, a person commented, "Lisa is a famous singer all over the world, what is this person?" Another internet user commented that the song is not even good.

BLINKs went on with harsh remarks hurled at Lee Mujin music video.

Lee Mujin

(Photo : Twitter: @leemujinservice)

Meanwhile, a plethora of fans also advised fellow BLINKs and LILIES to not bombard Lee Mujin YouTube with bad comments for Lisa's sake. One fan even commented that after they listened to Lee Mujin Traffic Light, they concluded that he deserved first place.

BLACKPINK Lisa Inkigayo Performance

Even though Lisa didn't win the Inkigayo episode, she still made an amazing performance.

Further, "PROUD OF YOU LISA" is still circulating on various social media platforms.

BLACKPINK Lisa Inkigayo Stage performance

(Photo : Twitter: @kpop_sbs)


In spite of this incident, BLACKPINK Lisa LALISA ranked first on the iTunes Top Song Charts in 72 countries and has been breaking records since its release on September 10.

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(Photo : Lisa (Instagram))

On September 20, BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram account hit the 60 million followers mark, making her the first and only female soloist to achieve the milestone.

In case you missed it, watch Lisa's Inkigayo Stage Performance here:

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