Here Is What We Know About The 9 Siblings Of Kep1er’s Members

Here Is What We Know About The 9 Siblings Of Kep1er’s Members

We know more about some than others!

Since Kep1er is a young K-Pop group, we’re still learning a lot of new information about them all of the time. Something that some fans might be interested to learn about are the group’s siblings! While some members have stayed pretty quiet about their brothers or sisters (or lack thereof), others have spoken about theirs before. And of course, one member has a very famous sibling! Here is what we know about the 9 siblings of Kep1er’s members that have been confirmed.

1. Yujin

Since Yujin has been in the K-Pop industry longer than the other members due to being in CLC, we probably know more about her than the others in Kep1er. We know that she has a younger brother that was born in 1998, making him 2 years younger than the idol born in 1996! His name is Yonghyeon, and he’s been very vocally supportive of his older sister, especially on his Instagram account.

He’s not super active on the social media app, but he does have some photos up!

Here’s a picture of the two of them together!

2. Xiaoting

Xiaoting is the middle child in her family, with both an older and a younger sister! It sounds like they used to have a normal teasing, playful sibling relationship, but that they’re close now.

Despite the distance between Xiaoting and her family in China, it sounds like they still are able to communicate well and support each other.

3. Mashiro

Mashiro is the only member of the group that’s confirmed to be an only child!

4. Chaehyun

Very little is known about Chaehyun’s siblings, but she has confirmed that she does have an older brother. Despite this, though, she has said she felt like an only child growing up, so it’s possible her brother is significantly older than her.

5. Dayeon

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information on whether or not Dayeon has siblings, so we don’t know if she’s an only child or just hasn’t spoken about her sibling(s) yet!

6. Hikaru

Like Dayeon, we don’t really know anything about Hikaru’s sibling situation either, so we can’t confirm if she’s an only child or has one or more siblings!

7. Bahiyyih

Of course, Bahiyyih has the most well-known sibling among Kep1er’s members: Older brother Huening Kai of TXT.

The two have posted various content together, such as a collaboration for the “WA DA DA” challenge!

Along with Huening Kai, who is about two years older than Bahiyyih (born in 2002 and 2004 respectively), the two also have another older sibling, Lea, who is an influencer and former member of the K-Pop group VIVA. She was born in 2000, making her two years older than Huening Kai and four years older than Bahiyyih.

Lea has accounts on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, and she uploads content fairly regularly for her followers to enjoy!

8. Youngeun

Youngeun is the maknae in her family with two older sisters! And they seem to have a good relationship, as evidenced by their trip to an amusement park together recently.

Apart from this, though, we don’t know a lot about Youngeun’s siblings yet.

9. Yeseo

Finally, youngest member Yeseo is also the maknae in her family with an older brother! There are a couple of pictures of him floating around online, but otherwise we don’t know a lot about him.

Hopefully we’ll get to learn more about Kep1er’s members’ families in the future, if they feel comfortable sharing!

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