GOT7 Jinyoung Dishes On His Enlistment, Turning 30 And Dating Post-Military In New Interview

GOT7 Jinyoung Dishes On His Enlistment, Turning 30 And Dating Post-Military In New Interview

Jinyoung touched upon turning [Korean age] 30, preparing for military service, and his personal life as of late in a recent interview with DongA Ilbo.

In the interview, which was published on December 5 KST, the idol-actor promoted his new movie 'Christmas Carol' while also discussing the end of his 20s and his upcoming military enlistment.

"The goal I made at the beginning of this year was 'Let's work a lot.' Because I wanted to commemorate the end of my 20s and wanted to go [into the military]. That goal was achieved," he stated. "Looking back at my 20s, I have no regrets. The times when I wandered in between were difficult, but I tried my best with everything. I can't believe I'm going to be in my 30s. I feel it every time someone calls me 'sunbaenim.'"

He then discussed his free time, which he spends either at home or at a movie theater. "I like going to the movies. I buy a ticket exactly and sit in the seat exactly all the way in the back, and I feel good while thinking, 'Even today I got a good seat,'" he described. "I also like drinking with my friends. I can't drink a large amount of alcohol, but I'm the type to have some friendly conversation while drinking soju."

"This Christmas depends on my filming schedule for the drama 'Witch.' If I don't have to film, I feel like wouldn't it be nice to go to my hometown and spend time with my family since it's my last Christmas before enlistment," he continued.

Later, he opened up about his dating life after the reporter asked him if he was in a relationship these days. "I should be dating, but I really don't have time," he admitted. "Also I'm going into the military soon, so for what? Why should I?"

"It is too burdensome for someone to come and make a relationship under a name. It seems like that would be irresponsible ahead of enlisting. After I'm discharged, I'll try my best. Since I'll be in my 30s, fans will be understanding, right?," he added with a laugh before lowering his head. "Sorry, Ahgase [GOT7's fandom name]."

Meanwhile, 'Christmas Carol,' directed by Kim Sung Soo, is based on the novel of the same name by author Joo Won Gyu. The film is an action-thriller following the story of Il Woo, who goes to a juvenile detention center for revenge after the death of his twin brother Wol Woo. Park Jin Young will be playing both twins. The film is set for release on December 7.

Source: Allkpop