Fans Of aespa Call Out SM Entertainment Over Alleged Unfair Treatment Of Winter

Fans Of aespa Call Out SM Entertainment Over Alleged Unfair Treatment Of Winter

This is not the first time it happens, according to fans.

Fans are questioning the management of aespa as they raise concerns over the unfair treatment of member Winter.

Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

SM Entertainment, the group’s label, has a spotty history regarding its management of the four members. Netizens have often called out the company before, especially over allegedly unfair treatment. Giselle, for example, seems to have often been excluded from promotional material.

Winter, on the other hand, had MYs worried for her health this year when they noticed a bruise on her arm, which seemed to indicate she’d received IV drip.

Giselle (left) and Winter (right) | Nate Pann

My heart hurts. I hope she gets better soon~ SM Entertainment really sucks at taking care of their idols.

— Netizen

MYs are not alone in expressing doubt over the company’s management of its artists’ health, as NCTzens also raised concerns about NCT‘s Mark and Haechan‘s health in September after they revealed they’d also had to get an IV drip.

Now, fans feel that Winter has been facing unfair treatment in terms of promotion of the members by aespa’s management team.

On October 16, they began trending #WHERE IS WINTER and #SMTreatWINTERBetter after noticing that she was being seemingly “excluded” from the group’s regular social media updates.

The group has recently arrived in the US for some exciting schedules, including a performance at KAMP LA 2022, and they have posted much of their adventures on their Instagram story. Yet, Winter is so far nowhere to be seen.

Fans have debated over whether this is incidental or not (seeing as Winter has expressed a dislike for taking pictures in the past), or if it’s an act of exclusion. Many MYs believe that seeing as it’s an official account and the group is on a “work trip,” it is the staff’s job to update on all four members equally, especially since there are only four of them.

Moreover, Winter herself has sent pictures through Bubble, so fans feel that her aversion to having her picture taken does not really count in this case.

According to many netizens, this is far from the first time Winter has been excluded like this, so this recent instance in the US has only brought the issue to the spotlight. Now, they’re pointing out that Winter is one of four very talented members who deserve equal promotion!

Hopefully, fans will get to see more of Winter once the issue comes to her staff’s attention.

Source: Koreaboo