Fans Instantly Recognized This 2004-Line Idol On The Latest Broadcast Of 'King of Masked Singer'

Fans Instantly Recognized This 2004-Line Idol On The Latest Broadcast Of 'King of Masked Singer'

Fans immediately recognized this 2004-line rookie idol as soon as he began singing on this past weekend's broadcast of MBC's 'King of Masked Singer'!

On this episode aired back on February 6, a group of 8 new contestants challenged the defending 'King', 'Dad Is A Salaryman'. The second matchup consisted of a duet between two male contestants, 'Taxi Driver' and 'Limousine'. The pair sang Toy's "Is It Still Beautiful", moving the panelists with their soothing voices.

Ultimately, the winner of this matchup was 'Limousine' with a score of 18:3! The identity of 'Taxi Driver' was revealed as announcer Park Chan Min, while the identity of 'Limousine' was kept veiled as he moved onto the second round.

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Well, despite the fact that 'Limousine's identity was not revealed this past weekend, many fans are already 100% that it's TREASURE's Jeongwoo!

What's more is that even the production staff of 'King of Masked Singer' dropped a very obvious hint in the form of a caption. When 'Limousine' was announced as the winner of the matchup, the caption read, "'Limousine' heads straight to the second round!" (In Korean, the word for "go straight" is "Jikjin", which is the title track from TREASURE's upcoming 1st mini album 'The Second Step: Chapter One'.)

Netizens commented,

"I could tell from the first verse kekekekeke."

"The way he stood and the way he put his hands on his waist kekekekeke. That is Park Jeongwoo no matter how you look at it kekekeke."

"He was so nervous during the first round kekekekeke. I hope he won't be as nervous during the second round and heads straight ('Jikjin') for the final round!"
"I wanna know what he's gonna sing next week so bad TT."

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"YG's little treasure TT. Great job Jeongwoo our baby TT."

"His vocal style is textbook YG."

"The panelists also said TREASURE after they saw the hint of Jung Hyung Don eating at the YG cafeteria kekekekeke."

"I can't believe I can pick up on all of his habits even when he has a mask on kekekekeke."

"Basically once he starting doing the high notes, it was the same as him taking his mask off kekekekeke."

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Meanwhile, TREASURE's comeback with the release of their 1st mini album 'The Second Step: Chapter One' is set for February 15 at 6 PM KST. If 'Limousine' is TREASURE's Jeongwoo as fans suspected, fans will have to wait 2 more weeks until 'King of Masked Singer' resumes broadcast on February 20, as the show will not air on February 13 in light of the Olympics.

Did you recognize 'Limousine' by his voice?