'Fancam Emperor' BTS V Is The 1st K-Pop Idol To Have 21 Fancams Surpass 10 Million Views

'Fancam Emperor' BTS V Is The 1st K-Pop Idol To Have 21 Fancams Surpass 10 Million Views

No one can doubt that when it comes to K-pop fancams, Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, reigns supreme. He's been dubbed the 'Fancam Emperor' for his captivating performances that attract an insane number of views on his focused videos.

In addition to owning the most viewed, most-liked, and most-commented fancam on Youtube, Taehyung has extended his previous record and is now the first K-pop idol in history to surpass 10 million views on 20 different fancam performances.

Taehyung's latest fancam to surpass 10 million views is his "ON" fancam from BTS's 'Music Bank' performance. His powerful dance moves, fierce facial expressions, and eye-catching tattoos continue to captivate viewers.

This is Taehyung's second 'ON' fancam to reach this mark after his performance for 'M Countdown,' which is currently at 22 million views.

In addition to dominating on Youtube, Taehyung also has the most watched fancam on Facebook at 12 million views for his 2019 performance of 'Boy with Luv' on 'Inkigayo.'

This makes him have 21 fancams with over 10 million views across platforms.

Japanese dance expert Kobayashi Arata, who runs the YouTube channel "ARATA DANCE SCHOOL," praised Taehyung for his dance moves, calling him someone with a high musical IQ and having his own personality and aura when he performs.

According to him, "V accepts the music with his whole body, feels the rhythm, and dances as if he is immersed in music. His ability to express the emotions of the music and the song using his body is excellent."

Over the years, many junior idols have named Taehyung as their role model. They confessed to watching his fancams to learn from his facial expressions and gestures on stage, which has earned him the title 'Idol of Idols.' His commanding stage presence, oozing charisma, and facial expressions continue to draw in an immense crowd.