BTS Jungkook’s Updated Tattoo Is Just As Pretty As He Is

BTS Jungkook’s Updated Tattoo Is Just As Pretty As He Is

Did you notice it?

For the past three years, BTS‘s Jungkook has been adding new tattoos and making changes to his old ones.

BTS’s Jungkook | @Min_Genius1994/Twitter

What began as tiny hand art has become a full-blown masterpiece, trailing up Jungkook’s right arm to his shoulder.

Originally, Jungkook’s tattoos were mostly black, but he has now started to add bright splashes of color.

Jungkook covered up his red eye tattoo with this ode to BTS…

…filled in his “rock on” skeleton hand…

…and made this microphone stand out from the crowd.

Now, fans have spotted an aesthetically pleasing change to Jungkook’s elbow tattoo.

| @dreamjeons/Twitter

In this preview cut photo for Part 1 of the Run BTS! 2022 special, Jungkook’s floral design is on full display.

Jungkook chose orange and blue (complementary colors on the color wheel) for his flower. In nature, the color blue is very rare for plants and flowers. Blue can symbolize youth, calmness, and inspiration. Orange is a bold, energetic color that often symbolizes creativity, happiness, and drive.

Source: Koreaboo