BTS Jimin Chosen as the Most Highly Skilled K-Pop Idol by Training Instructors

BTS Jimin Chosen as the Most Highly Skilled K-Pop Idol by Training Instructors

Training instructors who have trained numerous K-Pop idols chose BTS' Jimin as the most skilled idol!

BTS' Jimin Chosen as the Most Highly Skilled K-Pop Idol by Training Instructors

On July 17, Youtube channel "Doyouram" uploaded a new video that features K-Pop training instructors from MU:Academy, Chief Director Stella and Director Yoon Jin Hee, who have trained numerous known K-Pop idols such as WINNER's Mino, Stray Kids' Changbin, Oh My Girls' Hyojung, MOMOLAND's Hyebin, fromis_9's Roh Jisun, MONSTA X's I.M, Purple Kiss' Ireh, AB6IX's Youngmin, and many more.

On this video, Stella and Yoon Jin Hee were asked - from the perspective of someone who taught dance and vocals - which specific idol these days to they think is highly skilled.

BTS Jimin

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Stella responds with BTS member Jimin! According to Stella, she thinks that Jimin has a "very special voice." She explains further that Jimin seems to know how to sing certain lyrics to make the listeners relate to the lyrics and has great sense in that regard.

"Also, when he is looking at the camera, and when he is controlling his breathing while dancing or singing, he seems to know what exactly would make the audience go crazy," said Stella.

BTS Chosen as the Most Highly Skilled Group

When it came to choosing who Stella and Yoon Jin Hee thought were the most skilled group, Yoon Jin Hee chose BTS! "They are definitely really skilled," said Yoon Jin Hee.

According to Yoon Jin Hee, normally each member of every group have their own positions, such that there is a member who sings really well and that there is someone who doesn't. And the same goes for dancing.


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"Basically, each member has their own quality, and there are many groups who are well-balanced in that regard," said Yoon Jin Hee.

But when it came to a group where each member is skilled in every aspect, he says it's BTS. He also mentions Stray Kids were surprisingly good after watching them in a program.

"I was like, 'Oh... they are all really good and very skilled.' That's how I felt," said, Yoon Jin Hee.

And we agree that they are very talented!

Meanwhile, BTS' "Permission To Dance" and the CD version of "Butter" are currently breaking new records on numerous charts, such as "Permission To Dance" replacing "Butter" as the No.1 song on Billboard's Hot 100.

Check out the full video here:

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