BLACKPINK Proves They As High-end Models In New Cover Of Vogue Korea

BLACKPINK Proves They As High-end Models In New Cover Of Vogue Korea

BLACKPINK continues to smash records as they grace the June 2021 issue of Vogue Korea.

The fact that the whole group or each member continuously appears on prestigious domestic or foreign publications has become too familiar to fans. The charisma is luxurious, always inlaid with branded goods from head to toe, no wonder why fans love it. Most recently, the four BLACKPINK girls made a comeback on Vogue Korea. Currently, these photos are being spread all over social networking sites and are receiving the overwhelming majority of positive reactions.

This time, the members all wore long and loose hair naturally. Jennie and Jisoo chose the traditional black hair color while Rosé and Lisa stood out with a very western blonde. In addition, this time the attention of netizens is focused on Rosé's hime hairstyle. Everyone thinks that this hairstyle makes Rosé new and more attractive because the main vocal has not been appreciated in terms of style flexibility before.

The individual covers highlight each member’s unique and sophisticated charms…

Jennie | Kim Hee June/Vogue Korea

Jennie is attractive, sharp with dreamy eyes full of charisma. The off-the-shoulder shirt exalts the top-notch hanger shoulder, the beautiful body lines of the "YG princess".

Jisoo | Kim Hee June/Vogue Korea

It is impossible not to mention "Miss Korea" Jisoo with a beautiful face. BLACKPINK's eldest sister is beautiful, gentle, elegant, can't find any flaws in the female idol's face.

Rosé | Kim Hee June/Vogue Korea

From a member who received less attention by netizens compared to the others, recently Rosé has become a spectacular beauty. Only half of her face is revealed, but the female idol's peak charisma is enough to make the opposite person "fain". Rosé also cleverly shows off her slender shoulders and sexy ant waist in this photo.

Lisa | Kim Hee June/Vogue Korea

Long blonde hair like a princess helps Lisa to enhance her beautiful face like a living doll. She showed off her big round eyes, extremely high nose bridge and extremely prominent sexy lips. The "international sister" has a luxurious and personal beauty that often makes people "faint up and down" because she is so pretty.

After consecutive times of odd, the group had a reunion on the cover of Vogue Korea, June issue. The costumes this time were dominated by black and white tones, the members all wore designs. quite simple, only Rosé is more comfortable with a shirt with cut-out details. This cover is more focused on the 4 girls' hair and make-up.

Group | Kim Hee June/Vogue Korea

Fans are excited to see the evolution in style from their previous Vogue Korea cover.

March 2020 Issue | Petra Collins/Vogue Korea

It’s all in a day’s work for these legendary ladies!

| @jennieoutfit/Twitter