9 K-Pop Relay Dance Videos That Are Way Funnier Than They Are Supposed To Be

9 K-Pop Relay Dance Videos That Are Way Funnier Than They Are Supposed To Be

Relay dances are a pretty straightforward concept.

Relay dances are a pretty straightforward concept – the members of the group line up and dance a few bars when it’s their turn before returning to the back. At least, that’s how it goes in theory!

9 K-Pop Relay Dances That Are Way Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

Somehow, they’ve become one of K-pop’s funniest and most stand-out features. From hilarious off-script choreography to absolute chaos at the back of the line, there’s pretty much always something wild going on that you might not catch on the first watch. Not to worry! Here are some of the best relay dances out there, brought all together for you to enjoy!

1. SHINee – “Don’t Call Me”

SHINee’s long-awaited 2021 comeback was legendary in a lot of ways, but this relay dance might just be one of the funniest things to come out of that era. It starts off pretty normal, but by the halfway mark it becomes clear that there’s no way to hide the group’s outgoing personalities. Just wait for the piano section during the bridge – you’ll be laughing just as hard as Taemin was!


It looks like GWSN forgot what “relay” means, in the funniest way possible! You’d be hard-pressed to find a moment in this relay dance where they’re actually in a straight line, but there’s no complaining here – fans get to enjoy seeing the members have a good time together, and they didn’t miss a single ad-lib in the whole track. Plus, the improvised choreography in the back of the line is nothing short of hilarious!

3. THE BOYZ – “D.D.D.”

The title of the track is “Dance Dance Dance,” and THE BOYZ definitely did – regardless of what the choreography was supposed to be or who was at the front of the line! From Eric’s unplanned jump on to Jacob near the beginning of the relay dance to Younghoon becoming Sangyeon’s improvised keyboard and then getting dragged out of the frame, there’s a lot to laugh about in this one!

4. Jessi – “ZOOM”

If you’ve been on social media at all lately, you’ve probably seen a lot of this song. However, there’s no one out there that does it like Jessi and her amazing backup dancers! They’re enthusiastic, funny, and bold all in one relay dance, and the camera shutter sound leaves a lot of room for some pretty hilarious poses in the back. Plus, all five ladies do a great job of hyping each other up, no matter how crazy the choreography!

5. ATEEZ – “Deja Vu”

“Deja Vu” falls on the more sultry side of K-pop, but apparently no one told ATEEZ that! There’s a lot of chaos going on in the back that definitely makes this relay dance more silly than serious, and maknae Jongho’s reference to Oh My Girl‘s wildly popular song “Dolphin” is hilarious in contrast compared to the smooth vibes of the ATEEZ title track. Plus, there’s so much funny behind-the-scenes material that it could make up a relay dance all by itself!


The MAMAMOO members are industry veterans, which means they’re total pros at this whole K-pop thing. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to take everything seriously all the time! They definitely know how to let loose and have fun, and this relay dance proves it. They’re pulling funny faces in the back, running around, and messing with the choreography in total relay dance-fashion. Watch out for Hwasa’s hilarious prank on Solar after the bridge!

7. TXT – “LO$ER=LO♡ER”

There’s no better time to crack a couple of jokes than when someone’s at the front of the relay dance because they can’t see what you’re doing – and the members of TXT have definitely figured that out! There are so many hilarious moments in this one that it’s hard to point them all out, but keep an eye out for Huening Kai’s mic-stand inspired spinning in the back and Yeonjun demonstrating perhaps the most aggressive twerking the K-pop industry has ever seen.

8. (G)I-DLE – “TOMBOY”

(G)I-DLE shows off their spicy side with their most recent comeback “TOMBOY,” and the members’ bold personalities are shining through. One of the best parts of relay dances is getting to see the members switch parts, and maknae Shuhua took advantage of this to do a hilarious parody of leader Jeon Soyeon’s rap section. It’s all in good humor, and funnily enough, Jeon Soyeon looks pretty proud!

9. Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

There’s not a single Stray Kids relay dance out there that doesn’t end up devolving into chaos at some point, but “God’s Menu” might just be one of the funniest ones. The contrast between the EDM track, the difficult choreography, and the typical Stray Kids shenanigans makes this relay dance particularly memorable, and you can practically hear the members’ laughter over the music. Stick around for the behind cut too – it’s totally worth it!

Source: Soompi