20 Most Liked Tracks By Netizens In 2021, According To Melon

20 Most Liked Tracks By Netizens In 2021, According To Melon

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When it comes to K-Pop tracks, there are many ways to measure a song’s success. From their rankings in the chart, music show wins, YouTube views, and much more, fans work their hardest to ensure that their favorite artists are recognized.

As 2021 comes to an end, streaming websites are releasing their end-of-year charts looking at all the data from the year. Korean streaming site MelON recently released their “Top 100 Most Liked” songs on their platform. With songs from both Korean and Western artists, here is a look at the top 20!

20. “My Universe” – Coldplay and BTS

When Coldplay and BTS announced they were collaborating, fans didn’t know what to expect. However, “My Universe” surpassed any expectations and continues to be a loved song amongst fans. Despite only being released in September, it had 136,031 likes.

19. “We Ride” – Brave Girls

After the success of “Rollin'” in the charts, other tracks from the group, such as “We Ride,” quickly shot up in the charts. Despite being released in 2020, the song got over 131,246 likes and showed the group’s growth.

18. “ASAP” – STAYC

When it comes to rookie idols making a name for themselves, STAYC is right at the top. After debuting last year, the group has gone from strength to strength, and their track “ASAP” proved that with 133,432 likes.

17. “Strawberry Moon” – IU

The first of many IU tracks in the top 20, “Strawberry Moon” cemented its status as legendary through the small details in the music video. The concept was dreamy and loved by fans enough to give it 158,208 likes.

16. “On The Ground” – BLACKPINK’s Rosé

The members of BLACKPINK have used 2021 to showcase their individual talent, and Rosé took the world by storm with her debut solo track, “On The Ground.” With 145,126 likes, the track broke records upon its release.

15. “Weekend” – Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon released her digital single “Weekend” earlier in the year, and it quickly caught the hearts of fans with its light and fun concept. With 151,904, Taeyeon proved that she is still a queen.

14. “NAKKA” – AKMU featuring IU

In 2021, sibling duo AKMU released a collaboration album and one of the most loved tracks was “NAKKA” with IU! The track received so much love as the trio showcased their chemistry and received 153,464 likes.

13. “Dun Dun Dance” – OH MY GIRL

2021 has definitely been the year of OH MY GIRL. Despite debuting in 2015, the group’s recent tracks have gained a lot more love and that includes the catchy “Dun Dun Dance.” The track received 147,631 and continues to capture the hearts of fans.


Even though “OHAYO MY NIGHT” was released in 2020, the track gained a lot of love this year and fans couldn’t get enough of the catchy lyrics and melody. With 161,146, the video continues to gain views and comments even now.

11. “Happen” – Heize

Released as part of Heize’s album in 2021, this track combined a soft melody with a more R&B beat to it. As expected, Heize continued to show her versatility, and the track got 162,117 likes and featured Song Joong Ki in the video.

10. “Just Look” – MSG Wannabe (MOM)

The MBC formed supergroup took the K-Pop world by storm in July by releasing their track “Just Look.” The track was enough to make it into the top ten with 188,425 likes, featuring some top stars in music and Korean entertainment.

9. STAY – The Kid LAROi and Justin Beiber

When it comes to western songs covered by K-Pop artists this year, “STAY” is right near the top. From ATEEZ, SF9‘s Dawon, and more, idols have put their own mark on the song and cemented its popularity with 188,425 likes.

8. “Permission to Dance” – BTS

BTS’s latest release, “Permission to Dance,” gained love worldwide for its message of hope and diversity in the music video. With 188,745, there is no doubt that it is one of the catchiest songs of the year and has gained a huge number of likes, despite only being released in July.

7. “Peaches” – Justin Beiber ft Daniel Caesar and Giveon

As the highest-ranking western track on MelOn, the collaboration for “Peaches” got 207,783 likes from Korean listeners. A favorite of many K-Pop idols, it is a catchy track and has definitely made its mark on listeners.

6. “Next Level” – aespa

Known as the “Monster Rookies,” aespa’s “Next Level” is the only track from a fourth-generation group to make it into the top 10. With 224,980 likes, the uptempo track rightly gained love from fans worldwide and cemented their status as ones to watch.

5. “Lilac” – IU

It seems as if MelOn cannot get enough of IU as yet another one of her tracks makes it into the most liked tracks of 2021. Released in March, it was no doubt the perfect track for Spring and had over 224,277 likes.

4. “Traffic Light” – Lee Moo Jin

Peaking at number one on the Gaon weekly chart, the song also and 1st place on the Gaon monthly chart, showcasing its dominance. With 241,393, the soloist has cemented his place amongst some of the most popular idols in the world.

3. “Butter” – BTS

When it comes to tracks of the year, there is no denying that BTS’s track “Butter” is right near the top and it received 258,509 likes”. With its unique concept and catchy melody, it is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. It also showcased its dominance after being nominated for the GRAMMYs as for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.”

2. “Rollin'” – Brave Girls

Despite being released over four years ago, Brave Girls’ track “Rollin'” shot straight back up the charts after going viral. Not only did it get the group numerous music show wins, but it got the second most number of likes at 289,558.

1. “Celebrity” – IU

Despite not promoting any of her releases on music shows, IU has cemented her status as the “Queen of K-Pop” with her track “Celebrity” being the most liked track on MelOn with over 306,531 hearts. The track is catchy and oozes the warmth fans love from IU’s voice!

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