11 Smooth, Dreamy K-Pop Songs For A Super Magical Playlist

11 Smooth, Dreamy K-Pop Songs For A Super Magical Playlist

The beauty of K-pop is the wide variety of styles and sub-genres that it spans, so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the mood for a soft, dreamy playlist that’ll make you feel like you’re in a fairytale or even just looking to expand your K-pop horizons, then check out these 11 tracks. These songs are mood-lifting magic!

1. TXT – “Fairy of Shampoo”

“Fairy of Shampoo” is one of those songs that defies description. It’s sort of a ballad, but also slightly jazzy – there’s just too much good stuff here to limit to any genre! TXT’s stellar vocals really shine in this track, and the melody is so light and sweet that it’ll totally get stuck in your head.

2. Oh My Girl – “Dear you”

Oh My Girl has mastered the light, airy style of K-pop tracks that make for easy listening, and “Dear you” is certainly no exception. It’s catchy without being too distracting, so you can still work or study. The live performance also features some gorgeous harmonies that you won’t hear on the recorded version!

3. THE BOYZ – “Bloom Bloom”

A springtime release from THE BOYZ that really encompassed the feeling of a brand-new beginning, “Bloom Bloom” is the perfect mood-booster. It has all of the amazing fresh energy you’d expect from THE BOYZ, but listen with caution – this song is so addictive that you might find yourself playing it on repeat!

4. woo!ah! – “Catch the Stars”

woo!ah! is a lesser-known girl group, but it deserves all the hype! “Catch the Stars” has a beautiful melody and stunning vocals that are super uplifting, and give you the motivation to tackle even the most difficult tasks. There’s definitely something magic in this song!

5. GOT7’s BamBam – “Slow Mo”

A smooth, dreamy track might seem out-of-character for GOT7’s chaotic comedian BamBam, but he pulls off the style perfectly! “Slow Mo” has a bit more of a hip hop-inspired beat, but it combines with the melody and vocals to make a song that is perfectly light and lovely.

6. IU – “Lilac”

IU is the queen of ethereal tracks that are perfect for a princess, and “Lilac” is definitely up there with the best of them! Even the music video gives off a fairytale princess-esque vibe, and the song is sure to put you on cloud nine with just one listen. IU’s voice is just unmatched!


A unit track from SEVENTEEN’s three eldest members S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua, “AH! LOVE” is a magical masterpiece. Jeonghan and Joshua are members of the group’s vocal unit, but hip hop unit leader S.Coups perfectly matches their vocals to make a track that’s understated but beautiful.

8. LE SSERAFIM – “Sour Grapes”

A b-side from the group’s debut album “FEARLESS,” “Sour Grapes” provides a cool contrast to the strong, carefree vibe of the title track. It also gives the ladies of LE SSERAFIM a chance to show off their lovely voices, and they definitely delivered. This track is light without being too soft, and it has a unique melody line.

9. NCT Dream – “Rainbow”

Something about the thought of a rainbow already brings up some beautiful, dreamy vibes, and NCT Dream does not disappoint! “Rainbow” is sweet and easy to listen to, but still incorporates the group’s rap line with some smooth beats that are unexpectedly brilliant.

10. TWICE – “When We Were Kids”

TWICE member Dahyun put her heart and soul into this track, and it shows! “When We Were Kids” is a b-side from the group’s latest album, and it was written back when the members were uncertain about their future. It’s reminiscent but still surprisingly powerful, and knowing the backstory makes it all the more special.

11. BTS – “Butterfly”

“Butterfly” is a little older in terms of BTS’s discography, but it’s still just as ethereal as the day it was released! BTS has explored a lot of genres throughout the group’s legendary career, but this dreamy track stands out as uniquely beautiful. Plus, this choreography is just so stunning!

Source: Soompi