Han So Hee leaves her selfie when sending greetings for her fans

Han So Hee leaves her selfie when sending greetings for her fans

Han So Hee made a surprise appearance in an anonymous chat room where fans gathered to express her affection.


On the 11th, the actress appeared in "Solitary Han So Hee Bang" under the nickname "junk" and left a long message. "Lonely Room" is an SNS open chat room created by an unspecified number of people, and it is used as a place for fans to communicate by posting pictures of their favorite celebrities. The actress, who often appeared in her solitary chatroom to tell her how she has been doing, impressed fans with her sincere writing.


She posted a picture of herself, saying:

"Thanks all for your hard work today. It's already Friday. It's a little cold at night these days.

When you go out, take a jacket with you to go to work. Be careful not to catch a cold. I should have stopped by earlier, but I'm sorry, and thank you.

I'll come back with better work. I'm sorry at dawn. Good night, everyone. Thank you for being with me.

I couldn't thank each and every one of you, so I'd like to drop by the group chat room to express my gratitude.

Watch out for Corona. Let's all have a good day tomorrow, as usual.

I don't know how to authenticate, so I'm updating my latest selca. I love you.

Good night".


Han So Hee said, "I can't thank each of you, so I'm sending this message. I hope it reaches you a little bit". Looking at her photos, netizens responded with warm reactions such as "I'm good at writing, but my heart seems to be deep in it," "I can feel the sincerity of the writing," and "I think this is what pretty writing looks like."

In addition, the actress is going to star in the Netflix series as the lead female with the actor Ahn Bo Hyun, ‘Nemesis‘. “Nemesis” will hold a full script reading session this month and is expected to begin filming next month.