DUNE's First Trailer Dropped With Intimate Kiss Of Timothee Chalamet

DUNE's First Trailer Dropped With Intimate Kiss Of Timothee Chalamet

After days of waiting and waiting, the first trailer of DUNE - decade blockbuster has officially been released. The 3-minute clip shows a majestic scene led by the male lead Timothee Chalamet.


The trailer opens with a close-up of the kiss between Timothee's character and Spider-Man girlfriend's Zendaya. However, it was just a dream that woke him up in the middle of the night.

The next scene leads him and the audience into a strange room. There, he meets a woman who asks him to put his hand in a box. The scary thing is that he will die if he pulls his hand out. When he asked what was in the box, she stubbornly replied: "Pain".

Timothee Chalamet plays Paul - the noble heir of the Atreides family. He has to stand up with the family to take control of the sandy land of Arrakis, the only place in the galaxy that contains a rare "spice".


Oscar Isaac will play Duke Leto - the noble who has just given the right to take control of Arrakis.

Rebecca Ferguson plays Jessica - Duke Leto's wife.

Josh Brolin plays Gurney - the weapon master and also Paul's teacher.

Jason Momoa turns into Duncan - a swordsman who protects Atreides and also Paul's teacher.

Zendaya plays Chani - the mysterious girl that Paul falls in love with.

Dave Batista plays the villain Glossu.

In this 2020 adaption, director Denis Villeneuve has made the viewers go with fully amaze with the collections of breathtaking scenes. The whole world of sand dune author Frank Herbert appears extremely satisfied and above all keeps the spirit of the original story.


In addition, the designs and costumes of the characters are also detailed and unique. Although carrying a bit of a Star Wars vibe, in general, DUNE's production has met the expectations of fans of the series.

DUNE is the most anticipated film project this year because it is not only inspired by the "fantasy novel master" comparable to The Lord of the Rings. It is also considered by everyone as "the hardest work to adapt as a movie" ever due to the magnificence and surrealism of the content as well as the context.


The 1984 version of the famous director David Lynch had a huge defeat, even at the box office. Therefore, after watching the first trailer of DUNE version 2020, the audience expressed their excitement and peace of mind with beautiful frames from Villeneuve.